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Psychotherapy, psychology, counselling and therapy services in Richmond, Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire and the North East.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Your quality of life is being affected by anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress, an eating disorder, OCD, emotional instability, frightening symptoms, relationship problems, addiction, the effects of sexual/emotional abuse, self-harm, chronic stress….
  • You’ve had treatment but you still have disabling symptoms or unmanageable mood states.
  • It feels like your mental health is getting worse and is affecting your job and your family.
  • You have been diagnosed with a mental health condition and don’t understand what this means or how it links with what you are experiencing
  • You would like to be offered a term of therapy that is appropriate to your needs
  • You are confused by the different range of therapies on offer and you want to know which one would be most helpful
  • You have good coping strategies but need a bit of extra help
  • You are wondering whether your difficulties might be resolved with psychotherapy



About Me

Beverley D’Arcy, Clinical Manager and Psychotherapist

Beverley D’Arcy – Clinical Manager and Psychotherapist

BSc Hons. Psychol. M.A. Psychotherapy, UKCP Registered.


15 years as a Psychotherapist providing therapy to people with complex and enduring mental health problems in the NHS and counselling clients referred by organisations. I ran my own Psychotherapy Service in the East Riding of Yorkshire before recently relocating to North Yorkshire. I currently combine working as a locum with private practice.

I carry out in-depth assessments, quickly identify key issues and tailor a therapy according to client need. I offer counselling/psychotherapy in a confidential setting where clients are free to talk without fear of rejection, criticism or blame.

I specialise in treating trauma, complex trauma and PTSD using body focussed therapy. I aim to provide someone with the resources and skills they need to manage any future destabilising events that might arise in their life. Because responses to trauma can often get locked in the body, this approach is particularly suited to those working in emergency services and the military armed forces.

Recent contracts undertaken:

The Firefighter’s Charity Penrith, Newtown Psychology Dept. Powys Teaching Health Board NHS Wales, Wakefield CAMHS team South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Trust, Cheswold Park Hospital Doncaster, Salford Primary Care Psychological Therapy Service, Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust.

Counselling & therapy services to those working in emergency services and the military armed forces.


What I offer:

  • A comprehensive psychological assessment and consultation.
  • Short, medium or long-term therapy.
  • Training and workshops
  • Group work
  • Consultation to organisations
  • Supervision of Counsellors / Psychotherapists / Health Professionals (individual or group)
  • Consultations and therapy via skype / messaging / webchat / zoom.


More information:

The Therapy Minefield

Beverley D'arcy Psychotherapy, psychology and counselling services in North Yorkshire and Richmondshire.


I understand my symptoms more and feel less guilty and blaming of myself. I recognise that my normal ways of coping are out of sync with the physical impact this event had on me. I am sleeping better and giving myself more time to recover…”

Therapy helped me to understand how to manage my panic symptoms. Although I still get panicky, it doesn’t spiral out of control and I can calm myself down. My mood has lifted and I have a better quality of life…”

Counselling helped me to become calmer and more organised. I manage my time better and delegate work to others. I am more confident, more driven and able to deliver the company objectives that will carry the organisation forward.”


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